Callagher Real Estate Agent Property Management Annandale.

Meet Our Team
Cary Giezekamp - Director James Burke - Licensed Real Estate Agent David Giezekamp - Director and Senior Auctioneer Kerrie Rogers - Sales Manager Paul  Creedon - Business Development Manager Ray Haines - Licensed Real Estate Agent Selda MacDonald - Licensed Real Estate Agent Vittoria Pizzolato - Licensed Real Estate Agent Ian Dawson - Sales Representative Silvana Ciccotti - Director of Property Management Dianne Cridland - Senior Property Manager Anna Gouskos - Senior Property Manager Phil Treuen - Senior Property Manager Joseph Menniti - Property Manager Jamie Thomas - Business Development Co-ordinator Ibrahiem Noorsjamsi - Leasing Officer Sonia Tulk - Financial Controller Liza Smith - Marketing Manager Janicein Baker-Turley - Administration Rosemary Giezekamp - Customer Service Manager Christine Di Natale - Receptionist Chris Tornow - Financial Services