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Rosemary Giezekamp

Rosemary Giezekamp

Residential Sales Agent

With almost two decades of real estate experience under her belt, it’s fair to say that Rosemary Giezekamp is a seasoned professional who thrives in the constantly evolving property arena.

As Callagher’s Director of Human Resources, Rosemary plays a crucial role in finding the right people to represent the brand, work harmoniously within the close-knit team and ensure that the agency remains at the forefront of the industry. A Licensed Real Estate Agent, she has been instrumental in Callagher’s trajectory to the number one local agency of choice by identifying the perfect candidate for each role.

Rosemary loves being an integral part of a family oriented business, rising to the continual changes and challenges that her job presents. She has that all-important ability to read people, listen and make them feel comfortable. She makes everyone’s experience pleasant by creating a welcoming environment through personal touches such as birthday celebrations and events.

As the company has grown, Rosemary has been a passionate supporter of the Directors and their vision, remaining immensely proud to work for a team which advocates honourable real estate practices.

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